Search Engine Optimization Audits & Reporting

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit pinpoints issues that could keep your website from ranking well and presents chances that could raise your ranking. Typical areas covered by an SEO audit include indexing and crawlability, user experience, site architecture, competitor benchmarking, keyword research, on-page SEO, and backlink profile. It is essentially a "health check" for a website's overall condition.

Our SEO Packages provide an initial Audit, while our Silver and Gold packages provide monthly audits.

The Audit process

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Google Audit

Determine whether your site is being crawled, Indexed, and Rendered by Google.

Website SEO

Website SEO

Determine if your website is SEO Optmized (not necessary if we build your site).

Link Chain

Off-Page SEO

Examine how external sources and links communicate/link to your site.

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Keyword Optimization

Review company content and services to find what keywords are likely to drive traffic.

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User Experience

Examine user experience for both mobile and desktop (not necessary if we build your site).

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Duplicate Content

Review site content to determine whether there is repeated content (not necessary if we build your site)

Reporting, not just numbers

Small business Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process that does not end with the Audit. There is no point creating a SEO strategy without knowing whether it yields results!

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We set up, configure, and maintain Google Analytics to determine traffic and determine future SEO content optimizations.

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Monthly Report

Every month, we send you a report detailing how your search terms perform, traffic changes, and recommendations for the coming month.

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New Strategy

Whether this involves Content Optimization, Editing Content, or posting new content, a plan will be created for the coming month.

Our Bronze package includes an initial audit, whereas our Silver and Gold packages include audits of your SEO Performance every month.

SEO package selection

Higher tier packages are available upon request

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Check Mark

Initial Review & Audit

Check Mark

Google Console Indexing

Check Mark

On-Page Optimization

Check Mark

Search Engine Profiles

Check Mark

XML Sitemap

Check Mark

URL Submissions in Search Engines




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All features of Bronze

Check Mark

Monthly SEO Audits

Check Mark

Positive Review Capture & Display

Check Mark

Off-Page Optimization

Check Mark

Local Search Optimization

Check Mark

Google Analytics




Check Mark

All features of Silver

Check Mark

Content Keyword Planning

Check Mark

Schema Update

Check Mark

Competitor Analysis

Check Mark

Analytics tracking

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Google posts (4 Per Year)



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