8 Benefits of Blogging for your Small Business

8 Benefits of Blogging for your Small Business blog image

Posted: December 17th, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Blogs drive more website traffic
  • Content for Social Media
  • More potential Leads
  • Builds consumer confidence
  • Improves your Link Building & SEO Ranking
  • Long-term results
  • Method for providing company news
  • Potential Revenue

1. A Blog can drive traffic to your website

If you are reading this, it means you were lead here by a question. A question you hope to learn from this article. Chances are, your clients also have questions, and you may have answers to those questions, or provide a direction to point them when they do. 

You have an increased chance of appearing on the search engine results page (SERP) and attracting visitors to your website through organic search every time you write and publish a blog post. Google regularly has new stuff to index thanks to your blog. Each piece of content has the potential to rank for particular keywords that will draw your target audience to your website.

Businesses can target commercial keywords (those that draw customers) as well as non-commercial keywords by combining static web pages with blog entries (those that attract information seekers). Customers and information searchers can both generate new business.

2. Posts can be shared on Social Media 

Blog entries are more likely to be shared on social media by users than adverts or sales pages are, and blog posts are also more likely to be read by social media users. By writing a blog, you provide yourself more content to post on social media and you give your website visitors something to post about when they visit. Your target audiences will see more of your material when it's shared on social media, which will also improve incoming traffic.

A non-sales method of promoting your company is provided through blog entries. You might easily respond with a blog article if someone asked you to do anything on social media. It will be perceived as more useful to respond with a blog article as opposed to a sales page for your goods or services. It will automatically direct the reader to your goods and services, particularly if you include a strong call to action at the conclusion of each of your posts.

3. Blogs can increase number of potential leads

Nearly 80% of businesses that blog reported that they acquired customers from doing so (source). A site receives more leads the more content pages it has. The end result of having a blog on your website is leads. These web visitors will be more likely to become clients if they have the opportunity to read a blog about your company. Additionally, when you produce blog entries, you open up the possibility of sharing the content, which may potentially draw in more clients.

Whether you're selling the newest shoes or SEO services, or operate a news-driven website that depends on more visitors for better advertising revenue, more traffic equals more leads. When compared to businesses that blog infrequently or never, those that blog frequently see tremendous advantages. More visitors to your website can only increase the possibility of bookings, contact form submissions, and queries from potential customers.

Any type of business benefits from increased website traffic, especially when those customers found your material while looking for a solution to their issues. Make sure the headlines appropriately summarize the material that follows and create content that appeals to the problems faced by your target audience.

4. Blogs can build consumer confidence

Do you have a business that you would like to expand? Why not grow it with a blog? A blog is a website or web page that is updated often and can be used for both personal and professional purposes. Dedicated to a certain aspect of your business, a blog post is a standalone web page on your website that can potentially drive traffic, or increase your credibility with your potential clients.

Search engine rankings for a number of keywords are possible with blog postings. People who find your blog post while searching for a subject you've written about can then access the remainder of your business's website. They might click "Product and services" after reading your post to look at the options your business offers.

People will start to regard you as an authority in the subject matter as you blog more frequently about it. Interviews, podcasts, eventually speaking engagements and book publishing deals may result from this recognition.

5. Blogs are excellent for link building and SEO

Obtaining backlinks—also referred to as link building—on other websites that point to your website is a key component of SEO. With the help of this SEO technique, your search engine rankings will rise as a result of increased search engine visibility. You might also be interested in our article: 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers.

The most difficult aspect of search optimization, according to 41% of SEO specialists, is link building, despite the importance of obtaining inbound links. It would be simpler to obtain relevant connections if you wrote articles that were helpful not only to other businesses that your audience regarded as industry leaders but also to your potential clients.

Links from other websites act as a seal of approval or endorsement for reliable websites. Additionally, it tells Google that you are a reliable authority in your field. Building your domain authority, which enhances your overall discoverability in search engines, is another advantage of backlinks. Basically, Google will rank your site better in search results if many high-authority websites link back to it, assuming that this suggests your site offers important, relevant, and valuable material.

6. Blogs can drive long-term results

There are numerous future benefits of having a blog. The finest business blogs respond to frequent queries from followers and clients. You'll become recognized by your target audience as an authority in your field if you constantly produce useful material or articles for them. 

What would happen if you sent a confused customer a helpful blog article you made to explain things? Or how many more sales would a salesperson be able to close if their leads came across blog posts that were written by them? Although building your authority is not a physical vanity statistic like traffic and leads, it is still pretty potent. It can be utilized to gauge sales enablement. Because many of your blog posts are ultimately just that.

Generally speaking, well written blog posts are what are considered to be a 'compounding' item, meaning that over time they are likely to continue to gain traffic. How many visitors visit your blog for the first time is irrelevant. You might think that a post is unsuccessful if it has 100 views today and 50 views over the course of the following week.

With that blog article now having a ranking, you can anticipate continuing to have visitors for the foreseeable future—for days, weeks, months, and even years. Contrary to popular belief, blogging actually serves more as a future advantage than a current one. Yesterday's work could result in hundreds of thousands of future views and leads in the future.

7. Your Blog can provide a way to share company news

Every big and small business can use blogging as a platform to disseminate news and tales about their operations. Blogs can include news on the activities of a firm in addition to articles. Expertise in online marketing and the sector been questioned? Write about it on your blog. Have a fantastic case study that illustrates how your goods and services benefit clients?

Share it on your blog, inform your readers about it. Are you putting on a regional trade exhibition or fair? Make noise about the event on your blog. Publishing company updates to your blog not only humanizes your brand but also demonstrates to your readers that you are not only in the business of selling.

8. Your Blog can be a source of revenue

Do you want to monetize your blogs? It turns out there are a variety of inventive ways to monetize your blog content. You can make money blogging about almost any topic you can think of thanks to business methods like affiliate marketing.

There are many different affiliate programs available where you can make money by directing customers to pertinent goods and services. When it comes to blogging, your earlier pieces will probably generate the majority of your blog revenue.

Google AdSense is a well known product for this very purpose and we at Wallaby Designs will provide you with all of the tools you will need to take advantage of AdSense with your blogs as part of our blogger development package.